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Team vacation planning made easy by Humen

There are lots of administrative stuff to get stuck with. Team holiday planning is not one of them anymore!

Why Humen?
Why Humen is better than spreadsheets or holiday forms?
Easier to use
You don't need to search for the actual spreadsheet and juggling with cell coloring and format data. Just hit the plus button, fill the form and you are ready to go!
Easier to report
You don't need to track manually the used up and remaining vacation count of each team member. Humen export will show you every month the used up and remaining vacation count for each employee.
Easier to overview
Aligning your holiday to other team members' day offs can be a nightmare if there isn't a place where you can see the big picture. In the team calendar, you can find any information you need.
Free Features

Easy day off registration

You don't need to looking for spreadsheets and holiday forms in shared folders. All you need to do is to hit the plus button, fill the form and you are ready to go.

Personal vacation statistics

Do you know how many vacations do you have per year? How many do you used up? How many are remaining? Yes, you do! Just check it on the dashboard!

Upcoming events

Do you always know when an extra workday or a national holiday is coming? The dashboard will tell you.

Team calendar

There are situations when you need to align your holiday with other team members' leaves, or you just want to know who is in and who is out. That's what the team calendar is designed for!

Half day vacations

Managing half day vacations can be a nightmare! Not anymore! Humen can track half day vacations too!
Our pricing is very simple! We have only two packages!
Free package
All the free features can be used for free. No limitations, no credit card is needed.
Pro package
In the beta period, you can use the Pro features for free. Prices are coming soon, after the beta period.
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